The National Institute for Preventive Cardiology (NIPC)
NIPC Website

The Project:

Development of the NIPC website.

  • Logo design, website branding and custom graphics
  • Website design and development
  • Login and registration system providing access to the professionals and public areas
  • Educational resources including drag and drop exercises and interactive quizzes
  • Resources library, monthly eBulletins, conference and short course bookings
  • Continued hosting and maintenance
Target Audience:

Developed for healthcare providers, educators, researchers and industries involved in cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation.

Aims and Objectives:

To create an online resource to help to offer patients and members of the public a platform for information exchange and discovery with the aim of empowerment and self care. Users are able to subscribe to the NIPC Alliance to access a wide range of resources supporting excellence in preventive cardiovascular healthcare in Ireland.

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